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Direction measurement

To measure the exact north "prefix adjustment (prefix positive)"
[Prefix adjustment (prefix positive)

Knowing your exact location is required for successful climbing and trekking. For that, accurate matching of the map and direction are important and possible with the Prefix Adjustment mode. Prefix Adjustment is accomplished by holding or wearing the watch horizontally and setting the compass to north on the map.

"Magnetic variation correction" based on magnetic variation data
Magnetic variation correction

Based on the value of angle difference between magnetic north and true north, "magnetic variation,” changing standard of orientation measurement to true north---magnetic variation correction---can be done. By doing this, it is possible to measure the orientation on the basis of true north as standard.

Your current position at sea or on the mountain is confirmed by two points that cross when measured.[Cross Bearing]

There are ways to determine the current position on the map by measuring the angle of orientation. By using directional sensor, setting landmarks A and B such as mountain top or tower, measure the position of these landmarks from magnetic north. Writing lines at each angle on the map. The intersection of two lines is approximate current position.

Move towards the direction of the target point on the map.
[Bearing Memory]

Bearing Memory” enables you to move forward even when the surrounding visibility is poor due to fog and woodlands. The Bearing Memory continuously checks the target point and destination on the map. Orientation is always displayed along with the angle that was measured earlier on the map. The “Bearing Memory” records your direction as you move forward.  The “Back Bearing” function allows you to go back in the same path and direction you came from.  Navigation is accurate even when your tracks are covered with snow.




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